Spectrum Art Paper Printed With Framing

Rs.850.00 Rs.649.00

  • Paper Printed With Framing
  • Printed Certificate
  • Framing Certificate
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Ever feel you have a natural talent in something that most University don’t offer degrees in? Well here at Classhole University, we do our best to help you live your dreams and follow the paths you wish to lead.

“Upon Nomination of the Faculty of the College of Science and Class, this dapper individual as been awarded the [ STUDY HERE ] Bachelor of Science for their excellence in practice and understanding within their field and hold the rights and privilege thereon pertaining to their study.”

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How to submit customization details?

Spectrum Art portal does not have option to capture custom details while placing order, hence a URL of Customization Details Submission Form is provided in the product description section.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Complete your purchase on our website.
  2. Copy your order code, and click on ‘Customization Details Submission Form’.
  3. Paste your order code in the Purchase Order Code field, submit other details and click on Send to us.

Once the form is submitted, the design team will create your name-plate design and email the design for review within 24 hours. Email will be received on emai-id registered with SpectrumArt.

Buyer confirms the design by replying to received email.