Spectrum Art Printed Wooden Wall Clock


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: oak veneer, wood, metal clock hands, silent quartz movement
  • Wooden Printed Clock
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This wooden ‘SpectrumArt’ style clock is a modern take on a classic silhouette. It has classic lines but a contemporary feel and is a sophisticated desk clock or mantel clock. It is is handmade, by me, using the techniques I learned training as a traditional English cabinet-maker. I make furniture as a day job (please check my website) and enjoy making ‘designer clocks’ almost as a hobby. It is made entirely from wood (apart from the hands and quartz movement). The stand is made from oak, the face from maple. The inlay lines and buttons (see the fourth photograph) are made from walnut. The use of buttons like this was popularised by the American Arts and Crafts designer Gustav Stickley. The clean inlay lines frame the natural figure of the wood – I have always felt that any craft object should celebrate the material it is made from not try to subdue it! A desire to work with my chosen material goes into everything I create. Like everything else I make this bears my mark (my initials) because I’m proud of what I do. This clock is finished in oil and wax to give a contemporary low sheen. This natural finish can be repaired without having to strip the entire thing and will improve with age.

The face can be tilted up (bedside table,desk) or down (shelf or mantel) so that you don’t have to lean over to see it properly.

The first three photos show the maple clock. The last two are standard ones to show inlay detail and my stamp.

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12" x 6"


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