Spectrum Art Tent Canopy


Show your messages from both the sides with our wide base, double-screen banners!

  • Elegant and heavy duty base
  • Excellent for two side traffic
  • Can have same or different graphics on each side
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When we walk around the Road, Colleges, Schools, Business Centers, Auditorium, etc. we see a lot of banners hanging around. They either give us information about a product or they give us information about an event that is round the corner or they give us tips on how to save ourselves during summer. When we read from the above, it is clear that it shares a lot of information. These banners are hung, pinned and fixed but they do not stop from spreading information. The banners what we see are generally single sided. What will be the reaction if you see a double sided banner?

The reaction is simple – it will be amazing. We at SpectrumArt offer the same to our clients. The product is called as the Deluxe Wide Base Double Screen Roll up Banner Stands. The stand that we offer to our customers lives up to the name of the product. The word Deluxe stands for the appearance of the stand. The word Wide Base is used in the name, the reason is simple because it does provide wide base to the stand. The width of the base is broad because the stand needs to support the weight of two banners.

Since the stands can hold two banners at a time, the word Double Screen has formed the part of the name of the product. The last few words left to explain is the Roll up Banner Stand, as the name suggests, these are the banners that can be rolled up and down.

Let’s highlight the features of the product. This stand comes in Grey color only. The Stand is made up of two elements that are plastic and steel. The element of steel is used in the stand to keep it strong and plastic is used to keep the stand light weighted. We provide the stand with a bag, so that once the event is over; the stand can be pulled down and packed in the bag.

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10×10, 10×12 Feet


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How to submit customization details?

Spectrum Art portal does not have option to capture custom details while placing order, hence a URL of Customization Details Submission Form is provided in the product description section.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Complete your purchase on our website.
  2. Copy your order code, and click on ‘Customization Details Submission Form’.
  3. Paste your order code in the Purchase Order Code field, submit other details and click on Send to us.

Once the form is submitted, the design team will create your name-plate design and email the design for review within 24 hours. Email will be received on emai-id registered with SpectrumArt.

Buyer confirms the design by replying to received email.